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(translate by mgr Halina Marciniak)

ur school is situated in Lodz (Teofilów quarter) in Plantowa Street 7. The name of the street probably derives from big and beautiful allotments in the neighbourhood, where our pupils may go for a walk (thanks to their holders' kindness). You can get here by train ( it's only some paces away from Lodz Zabieniec railway station), by bus (routes 78 and 96), by tram (routes 2, 5, 8, 13), or by your own means of transport.
Our children
        Pupils attending our school are the children with mild, moderate, severe and profound mental retardation, having special educational needs. They are qualified for a place here on the basis of diagnosis and opinion given by regional Psychological - Pedagogical Dispensaries or Specialistic Psychological - Pedagogical Dispensary of Vocational Guidance and Dispensary for Children with Developmental Disabilities.
        The superior aim of our pedagogical activities is comprehensive development and well - being of a child. We provide appropriate support and teaching which enable our pupils to achieve the highest possible level of development and psychical comfort, and accomplish the ultimate goal - independence.

The Complex of Special Schools No 5 consists of:

In September 2005 The Study of Early Development Assistance was opened in our school. It is designed for children with psychomotorial development disorders. We help the children there almost from the moment of birth until they can go to school by offering free of charge psychological therapy, pedagogical therapy, logopedic therapy and rehabilitation.
    We aim to provide:
      School events:

      Traditionally children attending our school participate in numerous school events, like:

        Moreover, we celebrate many occasional events, like the beginning and the end of every school year and National Education Day. Before Christmas the Nativity play is always performed. Jasełka. All pupils and teachers watch it together. Then Christmas Eve dinner is prepared for all the children. Every year Santa Claus comes to our school bringing nice presents for all pupils. We don't forget about meeting New Year at a special New Year's party. The carnival is always time of having fun, dressing up in funny costiumes and dancing, not only for children but for the teachers and other school workers,too.
        Mother's Day is celebrated in a very special way. All Mums are invited to visit school. Children give them presents made by themselves and perform some artistic programme.
        Although we try to do our best to make each school day nice and happy, the most special date is Children's Day. A big party with dancing and numerous competitions is organized, every child is given a present and the children and the teachers play and dance together, as they always do.